about us

I started in 2020, originally under the name "Bubbles Soapery"  I wasn't producing soap on a large scale, nor did I ever have the intention to distribute to people outside of my "circle". Over time however this changed. In 2021 I changed from "Bubbles Soapery" to PHESTIVE (Christmas special) and decided that I would only operate during the festive season. April 2022, I decided to rebrand once again and operate all year round, this time operating under the name of " Paradise" this lasted until August 2022 when I finnally rebranded to "Ocean" I'm pretty sure this will be the last rebrand, but who knows what the fututre holds for my little company.

Currently we are based in Dublin Ireland, with a distribution centre in West Limerick. Our ultimate goal is to be worldwide, but isnt that every brands dream?